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-Everything has an option for basic or custom framing. 

-BASIC FRAMING is a standard $100 with limited choices. Plexi is used for paper images in frames. 

-CUSTOM FRAMING will require a more in-depth estimate. High quality products including multiple glass and matting options. Choices are unlimited with outside ordering. 

-CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL expert framing can make a big difference in the longevity and style of your artwork. Properly framing a high quality print or original artwork ensures zero damage from UV, mold, mildew, and acids over the years. With 10+ years of designing and producing picture frames I will give my best input on color choice and execution of the framing portion of your new art. 


2 Chainz, 2015 Oil on Wood. Original Sold


This a standard collection of popular prints I offer. Pretty much any artwork on this website is available for reproduction. Please reach out to purchase anything not shown above. Prices are marked as minimum sizes with options for increased size. 


Most of my paintings are commissioned based and get sold immediately but some originals are still available. Head to contact page for questions on availability and price. 


Maui, 2020 Digital Painting printable up to 48"x48"