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This painting was created in 2023. it as oil on canvas and painted in coconut grove miami florida. I chose mood and a wolf reference photo for my means of inspiration. Using an acurate image of a wolf, i broke and stretched his legs until i reached my desired hight of the beast. then ai went forth with adding immense saturation in the background. The face owf the worf was there at an aearly stage but as i fought through the painting it was clear that only the eyes could proturde out to the bviewer. the rest will blie in the dark mystery. it is a large painting and i created it with the intention of handing the center of that painting at 5 feet. that way the blue moon in aboe your head and you should be close to eye with the wolf. it is a 4 foot tall paitnign.

The bidding for this painting starts at just 100$

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Dalton warden
Dalton warden
Feb 21, 2023


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